[REVIEW] Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone


It’s been forever since I’ve read a good mystery/thriller … you would think this book broke my hiatus on these genres but no, unfortunately, I didn’t like this book, at all.

One word: unnerving. While I admit this book was a page-turner (so much I read it in one sitting), I couldn’t relate at all. Starting with the fact Jane was a character I couldn’t connect with, I didn’t have any sympathy for her or her revenge plot. She’s sarcastic, with dark humor and cynic nature. She described herself as a ‘sociopath’ and believed to be very much different from the humans around her. After reading the whole story from her point of view, I didn’t like her at all.

Jane is a talented lawyer hiding as a data entry girl in a company. The story starts in media res, from the beginning it feels we are told a story that already had a beginning we weren’t invited to. Jane is an actress when people are around her, she’s a manipulator without feelings – except for Meg. This story is about Jane taking revenge on a guy who hurt Meg so much, Meg killed herself. She comes from the typical dysfunctional house where her mother is a lech and her father is a drunk. She has a good for nothing brother, was molested as a child, and learned to use her sexuality since then.

She treats sex as nothing but a body function, sleeps with guys she knows will not get attached, and plots revenge.

Jane as a data entry girl is shy, looks under her lashes, giggles, goes out on her way to wear lace bras and look as innocent as possible with a secret strike for sex – almost like a maniac. Jane as the lawyer wears dark hair, bright lipstick and has no problem speaking her mouth… and mind too.

Let’s go back to the one word: unnerving. To the point, I almost didn’t want to continue. She has sex with a guy in a hotel, sex with Luke – who we will get more into in a second, sex with the guy who basically killed her best friend and sex with the guys’ father – who by the way, is a pastor. She has no attachment, she sleeps with whoever spikes her interest, she’s so immersed into this revenge, she sleeps with an old man who could very much be her father.

Here we see the typical bible man (not generalizing but the type we see portrayed in books), believes he’s superior, women are virgins or else, they are whores, they hunt – because is manly and they go to church on Sundays. He’s a ‘family man’ worried for what others think, he’s cynical and full of hypocrisy. Steven fits this mold – and so does his father. They both are the worse, so much Steven sleeps with someone he shouldn’t and yet ‘she was asking for it.’

This book rubbed wrong me in so many ways, I didn’t feel anything but a sense of ‘what the hell am I reading and why can’t I stop’. I guess I was waiting to see if Jane would eventually kill Steven or what she would do. In the end, she gets her revenge, she destroys that family and she ends with her ‘happy ever after’. I felt the end didn’t justify the plot, didn’t completely wrap this story, and left me wishing the author would take it differently. The only positive thing: Luke. While Luke wasn’t really portrayed as nothing but ‘someone who makes Jane feel like Meg made her feel’, I feel he was needed in order to humanize Jane and made her feel normal. One thing that was used throughout the book was the way Jane felt for Meg – almost romantic in a sense. So much, that every time Jane looked at Luke she was reminded of Meg and by the end, we know her love for him is equal to the love she felt for Meg.

Overall, this book was incredibly weird, to the point that even today I was wondering what the hell I had read. But, for those who like a different take on a woman taking revenge, this could be your cup of tea.

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