This month I got more books than what I planned. Its been awhile since I’ve gotten this book happy, I have been reading so much from Kindle that I barely got my hands on physical books. I was happy with this selection, it was a little bit of everything – from romance to manga, to fantasy and magic!

Romance bb!

I love Harlequin, I’ve been reading books from this publisher since I was in High School. They are moody, happy, with lots of misunderstanding and happy ever afters. This is the type of book you read when you feel down and only want something quick, steamy, hot, with a dose of angst and a dash of happy ever afters.

Mangas! ~ Since I was younger I’ve loved mangas, the quick pace, the cute scenarios, the gorgeous settings, the food images! From sweet love [like Kimi ni Todoke] to sexy boy love [Jackass! – boy oh boy, this one was so hot I’m still blushing] to the ones with serious themes that will make you stop and understand that life is beautiful and to cherish those you love [like My Brother’s Husband]. While mangas are not for everyone, they are right for me when my mood is for something quick and full of picturesque images.

And lastly, we have the batch that doesn’t fall into one category but many. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine was a surprise buy. I saw it, read the plot and thought ‘How wonderful does this sounds!’ and then Next Year in Havana creep into my radar because of a YouTuber, Liv, she said it was amazing and its based on Cuba [and I’m Cuban! so it was amazing to have on my hands something with a Cuban setting!]. And finally, this gorgeous Harry Potter Collection! It was incredibly expensive before Christmas but I got it at a great price and seeing the covers, the gorgeous spines! I’m in love.

I have so many wonderful reads. I have read almost half of it already [especially the mangas, quick and fun to read!]. So many books, so little time.

Did you buy any new books this month?

Posted by:Leyanis @ thebloggerandthegeek

I love reading, writing and watching movies! You will often find me immersed in a book without a care for the world. From Julia Quinn to J.R. Ward, this reader will devour books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - maybe even for a night snack.

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