[AUDIOBOOK] Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Boy oh boy, first, this is NOT a review – I don’t even think there’s enough for a review seeing as I’m DNFing this book in chapter 2.

I got this book last month; I hadn’t heard from this author before, nor the title from the first time I saw it on Book Depository but the plot caught my attention right away. I’m a sucker for this type of books – read Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, while they are not the same type of books, the main characters resembled a bit in my mind.

Let me explain why I’ve given up with this book [& audiobook]. First, the voice of the audiobook was so damn distracting, the posh accent and way of talking were condescending and snotty. The voice was also extremely old for the age of the main character. Not only that, but the plot was so weird. The starting was weird, the continuation was weird and up to chapter two, it was almost creepily weird.

the plot, that part ‘Except, sometimes, everything” hooked me immediately

When I read the plot I connected with that Eleanor, I thought it was almost charming the way the author managed to characterized her personality to come off as incredibly relatable – but it didn’t deliver (in my opinion). Eleanor was just weird to connect, from her way of thinking, from her mention of ‘Mummy’, from her falling in love with a person she only saw once and got infatuated with because of the way he dressed.

I drew the line at the almost ending of chapter two where she described her experience at getting a private part of her body shaved. It was disturbing, not cute at all, and almost made me want to chuck my phone across the room. You may ask, “well why does this make you uncomfortable is terrible normal, like for example, the main character getting her period and talking about it”… well, for one I don’t want to learn about the experience of someone’s shaving, nor her infatuation with a man she doesn’t know and only liked because her ‘Mummy’ mentioned something about the way a man dressed. Not because I like men in a suit I will fall in love with them right away.

I think I will feel left out in this boat because everywhere I looked, PEOPLE ARE LOVING THIS BOOK. And while listening to it I was thinking that maybe I should read it instead of an audiobook but then again, the plot will not change just because the voice does. I want to cry in frustration because I wanted to like this, I WANTED TO LIKE THIS BOOK SO BAD. I guess I will row my boat alone.

Have you read it? Did you like it (if yes, why did you like? maybe this could inspire me to pick it up and read more). Did you hate it – insert gasping emoji.

gorgeous cover! everything in this book says ‘read me’ but once inside…

song listening while writing this post – Alejandro Sanz Amiga Mia.

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