[DISC] Books I’ve re-read multiple times

Hello, lovelies! 🌵 I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Yesterday, I started reading a new book #Burn by Devon McCormack. I read the first book a couple of days ago and I really liked it so I decided to continue with book 2. But, I don’t know about you all but I have a hard time picking up new books. Maybe that is why my unread pile is HUGE (and I keep buying new ones)

For me, re-reading books is very normal. In fact, I spend most of my time re-reading books I’ve already read instead of picking up new ones. Below, you will find my favorite re-reads!

BE ADVISED: This post contains dog-ear pages 🐶 (I have seen around how some people hate seeing dog-ear pages or broken spines and here you will see both because for me, there is nothing more satisfying than breaking a book spine from reading it so many times or marking your favorite pages) 😎

I’m going to start with a favorite of mine since I first read it years ago and that is book 1 of the Dark-Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon Fantasy Lover. I love SK, she is an amazing writer, and the story she builds within the Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters, and Dream-Hunters world is outstanding in my opinion. Is an incredible world with Greek mythology and heroes. I absolutely love this series – even if it’s one of the longest in the whole history of books. I don’t know which character, relationship, or book I enjoy the most. For me, for example, Acheron was such a phenomenal character until I met his brother Styxx. You learned to love and hate, you learn to love the ones you hate and hate the ones you love. Even the bad guy has a book in this series – and is as phenomenal as any other.

J.R. Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood series is another extraordinary world-builder, this lady has a vampire world that is above and beyond anything I’ve read. Forget about teen vampires, these vampires have an amazing world with danger, death, and sexy heroes. You can see on the spines which book I’ve read more than others. Some, I have only read one time but others I’ve read a thousand times. I just adore J.R. Ward so much! From her stories I love Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Dark Lover and Lover Revealed the most. Between Z and Butch, I don’t know which one I should love the most 😘 plus, she includes a huge range of characters!

The world of Jacquelyn Frank is another world I absolutely adore to re-read. Getting immersed in this place of supernatural creatures, of a race that is so charming. I love her Nightwalker series, Jacob and Elijah will forever be my favorite characters in these series. These books are outstanding, they make me fangirl so much – I don’t even know how I’m writing without gushing out all my love.

To continue with the supernatural world, Gena Showalter has a series – which sadly, I’ve only read one book but oh my goodness, this book has been one of my top reads since High School. I remember my Early Childhood teacher had a bin with books for those who didn’t have one for the obligatory 10 minutes everyone had in each class before the lecture and I took Seduce the Darkness because I didn’t have one. Let’s just say, I never returning it to her. This book is so old, the spine is completely broken and the cover is also in a bad shape but I love this book. Ms. Showalter builds a world where the humans have aliens living with them, where you have aliens in all forms – warriors, gold people, giants, robots, a bit of everything for everyone. It has action, romance, the sex is amazing – cough/ when it isn’t in supernatural books? – and it has a bit of everything.

In terms of love, old school, and romance I have two top series I love reading. There is nothing better to read about characters in multiple books. In this case, I have two families the Hathaways and the Bridgertons. Both books revolve around families but two very different ones. The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas, are an unlucky family, marry the scandalous Gypsies, and learn to love themselves without caring about society. The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn are high class, lucky in all sense, a family of brothers and sisters who learned to find love for the first and second time. I enjoy tremendously these two series, they are fun, romance packed, and lovely in all senses. Re-reading them makes me so damn happy!

And finally, we have the Sazzy Boys by Elizabeth Varlet. Hello, sassy indeed! These books are BOLD, DARK, FULL OF HUMOR, SEXY MEN IN HEELS, DANCING, SEX, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE and DID I SAY DARKNESS? The themes are a bit dark, it has drug talk, abuse, rape but nevertheless, these books include a ton of romance, learning how to love yourself, and let others love you as who you are.

These are the books/series I’ve re-read the most. I love each and every book, instead of picking up new ones I always navigate to these ones. If you’re looking for supernatural romance, historical romance, or just sassy romance these would be an incredible addition to your collection 🤓

Do you enjoy re-reading or just pick up new ones? Are you the type of person who re-reads a book multiple times?

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