[REVIEW] Rising Tides The Chesapeake Bay (Saga #2) by Nora Roberts

Hello, lovelies! 🌵 I spent two weeks ago and this weekend reading this series. I’m on the last book – and very late on reviews ;O; – and I’m so happy I re-read it. I had forgotten how lovely this series was and how much I loved this family.

Of the three brothers, it was Ethan who shared his father’s passion for the Maryland shore. And now with his father gone, Ethan is determined to make the family boatbuilding business a success. But amidst his achievements lie the most important challenges of his life…

There is young Seth, who needs him more than ever. And there is a woman he has always loved but never believed he could have. But beneath Ethan’s seemingly still waters is a dark and painful past. He must learn to see around the shadows to accept who he is. Because through Ethan’s past lies the future–and his one chance at happiness…


What I loved:

  • During the first book, I loved Ethan and his quiet disposition. His soft mind and gentle character was a win from book one. He’s the one who stayed behind while his brother left home. The one who is always reliable, always there in silent support, the one who is fair, loyal, and has loved the same woman for his entire life. The one with callus hands used to harsh work and sun kisses.

What Seth saw was a man, tall, strong, self-possessed, with big, callused hands and quiet eyes. One of the weights that hung on his heart lifted. “I guess I do.” And he smiled a little. “Your mouth’s bleeding.”

chapter 4
  • Grace was also a wonderful character. We see her as stubborn, never giving up, loving her daughter, not regretting having her even when she found herself alone, the one who works without stopping – and the one who will never ask her father for help.
  • Ethan and Grace were wonderfully awkward at first. They have known each other forever but had never expressed their feelings – still, they treated each other with respect.

Seth started off into the marsh. He hurt all over, but the worst of it was shame. “Does she love you back?”

“Yeah, she does. Damned if I can figure out why.”

Seth thought he knew why. Ethan was strong, and he didn’t put on a big show. He did what had to be done. What was right. “I was going to take care of her when I got older. I guess you think that’s pretty lame.”

“No.” He suddenly, urgently, wanted to pull the boy against him, but he knew the timing was wrong. “No, I think that’s pretty great. It makes me proud of you.”

chapter 12
  • From book one, you could see Ethan’s love for her, his quiet admiration towards her, and his wanting yet he kept his feelings in silence for her sake. His feelings were a quiet ocean and I loved how he admired her, how he respected her, and was so, so in love with her.
  • Ethan had his own demons – which let me tell you, they are bad demons – and I applaud the author because she didn’t dismiss these demons and replaced it with happiness. No, she speaks about it and about his fears.
  • Seth and Ethan have a special bond. Ethan understands hims more than the rest. While Cam understands the shiftiness that comes with Seth having lived a rough childhood, Ethan understands the fear of abuse – sexually, mentally, and physically.
  • The book touches on the subject of child abuse, of a mother not caring for her child, of blackmail, and all kinds of abuse towards a child you can imagine. I hated Seth’s mother, Gloria, every move she made was against her son and towards gaining money. But, you will ask why I put this here when I’m mentioning things I love, well, I loved how the author didn’t shy away from painful feelings and harsh words. She created a person who we all hated throughout the book, but someone who is not foreign in our world.
  • The relationship between all the brothers was amazing to read, to see the development between a Seth who was uncomfortable with emotions and getting hugged or touch to a Seth who would whine and complain like any other young sibling.
  • The relationship between Grace and Seth was also wonderful. We see Seth loving Grace in a boy-ish fashion, the way you have your first crush and blush at the thought. Seth is not a child who is innocent towards what the sex needs are, but his feelings are innocent and naive. He’s a child even if he has experienced a harsh childhood. When he realizes how Ethan and Grace are in a sexual relationship that even if it includes feelings and them being in love, for him is a betrayal. We see Grace take a motherly approach to Seth’s feeling and we see Seth growing up – accepting that Ethan is the ideal man for Grace.
  • The business aspect of the book was also very well written and developed. It was filled with magical images with a boat taking shape by the hands of these four brothers who didn’t stop working just because they were tired.
  • Ethan’s father appearing in front of him, giving him advice, loving him even after death was an incredible addition to Ethan’s development.
  • Grace and her family is also something that was very well written. As the only child – and a girl at that, Grace was expected by her father to be a certain type of daughter. Grace dreamed of New York and ballet, but her father did not support her – for fear, we later learn – and then Grace falls in ‘love’ and ends up pregnant and marry with a man who leaves her without anything.
  • Aubrey was a delight to read. The author kept her childhood innocence, her smiles, and her point of view in a childish way that was perfect for the book. He loves for Seth and Ethan, for all the Quinn boys really, but especially for Seth was a delight to read.
  • Ethan’s stubbornness was something I wanted to slap him for – for not bending when he needed to. But, at the same time, I loved his stubbornness because he didn’t believe he deserved Grace and her love, but boy oh boy, he totally did deserve her.
  • Grace’s taking matters into her hands made me want to applaud her. She asked him to marry her, didn’t wait because she knew he didn’t think he deserved her. I loved how she was either you marry me or you don’t – but she would not wait for him. Also, her standing up to her father was also wonderful.

He rose, brushed off his pants, then held out a hand. Seth started at him, saw kindness, patience, compassion Qualities in a man he might have sneered at once because he’d found so little in anyone who had touched his life.

chapter 12

Rising Tides was sweet, slow, and filled with a love that started at a young age and developed into a passion filled with feelings. Between the characters, the family, and the romance, this book was a lovely read.

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