[REVIEW] Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox (Forever Wilde #6)

Hello, lovelies! 🌵 I’m back with another wonderful review. This book gave me so many feelings, unlike the others in the series, Wilde Love takes the readers to the beginning of a legacy from both Marian and Wilde.

With this series I’ve adored every single book – maybe some more than the other. But, this is without a doubt one of the best ones in the series. Is full of feelings and gorgeous characters with a plot that is not rush and expands throughout different years.

Weston “Major” Marian: 
After running away at the age of seventeen, I found a home in the Army. It wasn’t long before my fellow soldiers became family, giving purpose to my time in Vietnam. 

But everything changes when Doc Wilde joins my medevac crew. A night alone in the jungle after a helicopter crash forces us to rely on each other for survival, the secrets we share cementing a bond between us deeper than any I’ve ever known. 

Doc begins to play a starring role in my late night fantasies even though he can never be anything more than a friend, a brother-in-arms. He’s straight, with family back in Texas, and I could kiss my career goodbye if anyone in the Army discovered my secret. 

When our tours finally end, and we go our separate ways, Doc heads home to his perfect family while I continue to serve. I thought that was the end of our story. Turns out I was wrong. 

Liam “Doc” Wilde: 
When I wind up on the front lines in Vietnam young and afraid, it’s Major Marian who comes to my rescue. He’s tough, brave, and quiet, and he vows to keep me safe. He’s the only reason I make it home alive. 

For some, a friendship like ours might have ended once we left the jungle behind, but life without Major Marian isn’t an option. Over time, our connection continues to grow. It’s no surprise when, years later, an unexpected illness turns my life upside down, he’s the first person I turn to for help. 
And, as always, he drops everything to rescue me. 

I soon realize that at every step of my life, Major has been there, by my side, putting me first. All this time he’s been standing in the sidelines, waiting patiently to hand over his heart into my safekeeping. 

Even though I never imagined building a future with another man, seeing Major in this new light is a revelation. And suddenly I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Synopsis from Goodreads
holy god look at this cover ❤

What I absolutely loved;

  • Weston “Major” Marian is without doubt the best character in this book. Wes is selfless, polite, intelligent, loving, and true to himself. He comes from a childhood that was cut abruptly and then he had to grow up too fast. But, even with all the insecurities brought by his childhood and having to run away, Wes was true to himself and his personality was relatable, real. He put himself second when it came to people he loved, something I don’t think is always good in a person but it was a huge element in his character.
  • Liam “Doc” Wilde is young, fresh from college, and with a family. Married his high school sweetheart and had three children with her before joining the military. Liam was honest, noble, and innocent. He loved his wife, cared for her, and was never unfaithful to her.
  • I loved how it was instantaneously for Wes to love Liam. It wasn’t an ‘I want to jump your bones now’ kind of love, no, it was mostly an intense passion that Wes never expressed and took with him in silence until it wasn’t possible.
  • The relationship between both Liam and Wes is slow. Wes loves Liam, cares for him, and wants him to survive the war. While Wes has been in the military for almost 10 years when he meets Liam, Liam is fresh and inexperience so Wes takes it to take care of him always.

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “Any tips for the new guy?”

I wrenched my eyes to meet his. I waited a beat, wondering how honest I should be. I decided to go with the truth. “Stay safe.” My answer must have surprised him because his brows rose.

For a moment I saw a flash of vulnerability cross his face, as if I’d broken some sort of code. Like we weren’t supposed to talk about the reality of where we were and what we were doing—that death stalked us at every turn.

“How?” He asked. Stay next to me. I almost said the words. Almost. I shook my head at the absurdity of that thought

4% of the book
  • The years in the military form a bond with them and the group of friends they consider a family. They lose friends but they gain new friendships. Liam follows Wes like a lost puppy and West protects Liam with all his power.

Major Marian reached for my hand and squeezed. “Home.”

18% of the book
  • I loved one thing about this book that I don’t see much in other books; the representation of the wife. In other books – doesn’t matter the genre – the main character having a relationship and then falling in love with the other main character, the person who was previously in the relationship is not treated right. In this book we see Liam truly loving Betsy his wife and mother of children. We also see Wes loving Betsy, like a sister and respecting her as the mother of Liam’s children and the one who Liam loves. While it hurt Wes he never thought ill-mannered of her, never said anything to Liam to make them break-up, was always conscious that she was the wife and he was no-one but a best friend.

I handed it back and met his eyes. “When those bad memories hit, think of those three perfect angels, Doc. They’ll guide you home.”

“And what about you? What do you think about when the bad memories hit, Major?”

You, I wanted to say. And that deep blue endless sea. “Peace,” I said instead. Because to me, they were pretty much the same thing.

23% of the book
  • Betsy was an amazing character, she was funny, a great mother, noble, and loved her husband. She didn’t complain while he was away in the military, didn’t do less when he came back. She supported him in everything Liam did, loved her parents and her children. She was a hard-worker who left her dream on the side and married, even when she was scared and didn’t know what to do.
  • Liam’s family was incredibly supportive of him. Not only his wife but his parents who understood he didn’t want to do farm work instead, he wanted to be a doctor. They supported him after he came back from the military to continue his work and while they had a mindset of an old generation, they supported him until the end.
  • Liam’s children were an amazing addition in the book. They made him continue on, even when he lost years of their childhood for being in the military, Liam was always thinking about them. Brenda, feisty like her mother, Billy a hard-worker, Jackie the baby and Gina the one who let Brenda guide her to mischief.

She reached out to straighten my tie. “Liam, honey, that man is in love with you. I’ve practically lived with him for six months now and can tell just by the way his face lights up when he hears your name.” There wasn’t a jealous tone at all. It was more… pity, maybe. Almost like she felt bad she’d called dibs on me first.

42% of the book
  • Betsy and Wes were wonderful. Betsy knew Wes was in love with her husband but that didn’t make her love him any less, didn’t make her push him away and treat him bad. On the other hand, Besty was Wes’ friend, they supported each other and it was Wes who Betsy trust with her sickness. They shared gossips, they laugh together, they both supported Liam and raised the children.

Doc met my eye across the table. “I never thanked you for that.”

I blinked at him. “For what?”

“For planting those roses.” He swallowed. “For loving her.” She’s not the only one I loved.

52% of the book
  • The town plays a role in the book. Like all towns at that time, being gay was not something allowed. Wes stood out like a sore thumb because he was a single man in his forties. While Wes was hard-working, never said anything ill of anyone, served his country for almost 20 years, the rumors were common. It was a realistic aspect of the book I often don’t like to read but it was done accordingly to the year and the historical events.
  • I loved how the author took the book and told the story throughout different years and stages of their lives. Where Liam started as a young man with a young family and grew into a doctor who learned to understand that he also loved Wes even when he loved his wife with all his heart. He didn’t immediately jumped on Wes bones after his wife died, he grief and stood strong for his children but he also allowed Wes to be there for him if needed. And Wes who would give anything for Liam didn’t lose who he was and the person he had become.
  • I also thought the events were very well-paced. The return of them both to normal life is explained throughout different years, we get to meet them with different factors and see them growing. We see Liam loving his family, loving his wife, and losing her to cancer. But we also see Wes loving Liam, supporting him, supporting Betsy even when he had to lie to Liam, helping the children not feel the loss so hard, and helping Liam – all this without imposing his feelings or thinking he finally had a chance with Liam with Betsy gone. It was extremely well done.
  • The love between Wes and Liam was strong, and oh boy, it was wonderful. Wes did not once, not even once, stopped loving Liam. He took care of him, supported him and didn’t pressure him. Liam loved Wes first as a fellow camaraderie, then as a friend and then as a man, as a lover. It was never rushed, never treated as something less just because Liam was straight and had a wife with children, it was taken seriously and it was developed beautifully.
  • The only thing I think the book could’ve left out is the ending. I think it went on too long and it was unnecessary to a point. Plus, it felt rushed and typical of Lennox with all the crazy characters we didn’t need to be added. While it was nice to see the Marian and the rest of the Wilde children I think the author could’ve left it at them renewing vows without all the craziness (made the tone of the book change drastically).

But, overall, I think this book was positively marvelous! It left me wanting more of young Wes and Liam together, raising the family and loving each other. As always, Lennox delivers in this one – the full series has been an incredible ride which is still not finished.

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