[Monthly TBR] July 2019

Hello, lovelies! 🌵 July is here and this month I have a plan – a TBR of books I must-read. I have a hard time staying on track with books I want to read – I’m the type that can leave a book half finish and start another one if it caught my attention but, this month I have decided to stay on track.

Most of these books are e-ARCs that are close to being released or have just been released – this month. This is why I must read them this month~ Thank you NetGalley for providing a copy of these books.

The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove by Kellie Hailes (July 1, 2019)

I was so hyped for this one, and as of now – is the only one on the list I had to DNF. I had to stop reading at around 20% into the book, when I got approved I was so excited because the plot caught my attention but then it took me a while to truly get past the first page. I could not connect with Sophie, the main character. That girl had no backbone, a snotty attitude and I just wanted to strangle her because while she did not want to sell her bookshop she also did nothing to make it better. It was old, dusty, and filled with books that were not even properly organized. I was going crazy with her personality, also, the love interest Alexander going in to help when he’s the one making a proposition to buy the shop was something that I just did not understand. Passed on this one.

A Murder on Jane Street by Cathy Cash Spellman (July 16, 2019)

I’m currently in chapter 7 and boy oh boy, I’m loving the characters and the plot. I will not say much since it has not been released yet and for those who would like to pick it up I don’t want to spoil but the plot is really good. I really enjoy the 3rd POV and this book has it which was a lovely surprise! The ‘murder’ was indeed brutal but I love the police aspect of the book so far and the way they look at scenes and come up with different theories – my CSI heart is so happy~

Say You Still Love Me by K.A Tucker (August 6, 2019)

This is the one I’m most excited about! I love a good romance and based on what I’ve been hearing this is just right my alley. If I’m not wrong is a second chance romance which is something I don’t read often but again, I’ve only heard good things about this one so I’m really looking forward to reading it after I finish A Murder on Jane Street.

The Retreat by Sherri Smith (August 13, 2019)

I love suspense, and thriller, a good murder too so when I was recommended this book I had to jump in. Who doesn’t love secrets, isolated cabins, and just the tension and suspense?

All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater

This book has seriously been on my TBR since it was released (Oct 2017 /insert gasp/) so I have decided to read it this month. I will be buddy-reading this one with Tina from As Told by Tina and I’m so looking forward to it. I did try to read The Raven Boys and for some reason, it didn’t click with me so I hope this one does!

Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island #1) by Nora Roberts

I’ve been listening to the audiobook for two months now and finally, I will be finishing this month. As typical from Ms. Roberts, her love interest is patience and just fantastic. Can’t wait to see where the magic will take me with this one. About 6 more chapters to listen to and I should be finishing!~

What are you all reading?~

5 thoughts on “[Monthly TBR] July 2019

  1. Oh I loved The Little Bookshop at Herring Cove. I think I was in the mood for an easy read where I wasn’t too worried about all the characters! I suppose you win some you lose some!

    Some of the other books on your list look really interesting! xo

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