Hello, lovelies!🧚🏻‍♀️ Happy Tuesday (I was meant to post this yesterday! >>.>>) ~ Last week I tried posting more but I have this thing call p.r.o.c.r.a.s.t.i.n.a.t.i.o.n. Yes, I’m a huge procrastinator – even tho I have many ideas I prefer to spend time reading and watching TV instead of blogging all those ideas I have 😛 ps. name has been changed to reflect reality 🤣

What I have been watching; 📺

  • I re-watch all seasons of Leverage within these past two weeks. I mentioned in my monthly recap this show as the only one I’ve been watching which is something that happens often when I’m stuck in one mood. The show is funny, amazing acting, excellent characters: a band of misfits doing good things and fighting evil; is like a great action book but TV.
  • I got HBO and holy mother of god, they have the whole Studio Ghibli movies. I love Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke, there is something very lovely and nostalgic in the art within Studio Ghibli. I watched Kiki’s Delivery Services for the first time and it was very charming, the scenes at the beginning just breathtaking!
  • I watched Brave for the second time in my life ;D I truly loved the scenery but mostly how beautiful the accent was and how they managed to keep it real to the times and place it was based from (I’m not expert but amazing job!). The colors and story were really lovely.
  • I also watched The Blind Side, that movie is amazing – and to know is based on someone’s real life wow! Same with Freedom Writers which I love to re-watch. The types of movies show a side of humanity where people don’t give up, where there is respect and support and I’m all for it!
  • X-Men Dark Phoenix was a bit of a disappointment. I need a chart of these movies, characters and universe. Sometimes I think I understand the plot line and them bam! surprise, and not the good one.
  • Lastly, I started watching Friends. I’m in season one and after getting past the first episodes I’m enjoying the show a lot. I think Monica is my favorite character, her personality and mine are very similar ;D

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: I Am Dragon (Russian title: On Drakon) is one of those movies you don’t expect to love but you do. The plot is magnificent, the romance is slow and beautiful but mostly, the clothes and colors are just breathtaking! ps. there are dragons

Music is life } back to the 2000’s

  • Tokio Hotel – Monsoon; I recently had this feeling of nostalgia and I had to go back to this song. Bill’s voice is very soothing and I love the whole vibe 𝄡
    • I have also been going down the rabbit’s hole listening to old songs I used to love as a child – and that I still do but don’t listen often. Who has heard Paulina Rubio’s Baila Casanova? Probably no one, is very old school but the song is addictive – even if the video is a bit >,<
here I leave you with a song from my childhood that brings so many happy memories ♭

MUSIC RECOMMENDATION: La Oreja de Van Gogh – Rosas: La Oreja de Van Gogh is from Spain and they had so many great hits. Rosas (roses) is definitively my favorite song. I still have their CD Lo Que te Conté Mientras te Hacías la Dormida (What I Told You While You Were Pretending To Be Asleep) which is still one of my favorite CDs to listen to 💜

I’m all about that book
‘Bout that book, no treble 📖

Here are some of the books I have been reading for the past two weeks. I re-read Knight in Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain which is such a romantic and slow-burn! I love Billy the main character, he’s such a cinnamon roll.

I also started reading W.I.T.C.H 💜 Have you guys heard of them before? It was released by Disney back in the 2000’s and it was my addiction. I still re-watch the show in Youtube >< The novel is very nice and also very different from the TV show, the colors are gorgeous and I’m living for it, around 20+ volumes and I can’t wait >< (image credit)

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Summer House by Brendan DuBois and James Patterson; oh boy, this book was phenomenal. The characters were so good and I love how fast paced it was – but it still managed to keep you on your toes!

Finally, last week was my birthday and I spend it working, and eating some cake 🎂 which I loved. Work has been so rewarding, I’m so happy! I’m doing an internship in another department and it has been going great 🥰

Well, that’s all folks! short and sweet 🍡 until next time ~

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