[MINI-REVIEW] Why I Loved Heartstopper Volume 4

Hello, lovelies!🐢 This month I went a bit crazy and ordered Heartstopper Volume Four on release day – from England! I tried waiting for the USA release but last time I looked at the USA release day it was for December – don’t know if that has changed but I could not wait! So, here it is a post about me fangirling about this volume #noregrets

“I love you” πŸ’œ

The book starts in a very light note, Charlie is trying to confess his feelings for Nick and can I say how adorable the scene is! I especially love how Charlie is such a teenager, insecure about how to express his feelings and how Nick could or could not return those ‘I love yous’ What makes this scene even more special is the addition of Charlie’s siblings and how Tori is so supportive – plus Oliver being such a cinnamon roll [I still can’t believe he won’t be on the adaptation – breaks my heart]

eating disorder🍟/insecurity/family struggles

This volume showcased a side in Charlie’s family I didn’t expect. From the previous volumes I didn’t get the vibe that Charlie’s mother was so strict and awkward on her approach towards Charlie – maybe it has always been present but I was focusing on the adorable side of this story and not so much on parenting.

Here, we see a Charlie who doesn’t feel confident speaking with his parents to the point he believes his parents will think he’s making this disorder up for attention – broke my heart. Charlie’s acceptance of his eating and mental disorder was so well done [mind you, I’m not a doctor so I hope I’m not butchering any name/definition/explanation].

Nick is such a support, he doesn’t push Charlie instead he supports him to the point where he goes with Charlie to speak with his parents to make them understand there is something in Charlie that needs to be addressed.

Nick is a cinnamon roll, such a good friend and boyfriend. He researches about Charlie’s disorder, tries to understand him and doesn’t push – he encourages Charlie to speak with his parents and look for family support and treatment. He wants to protect Charlie and in this process he suffers – he becomes anxious and wants to do his best overlooking his own mental health sometimes. Nick’s mother is also an amazing support and I loved her character immensely – her constant support and understanding was amazing.

β€œMaybe you can’t help him, darling. I know you love him so, so much. I’m sure he loves you too. And I know you feel like it’s your job to “save him”. I know it feels like you are both each other’s whole world, but that dependency isn’t healthy for either of you. Charlie needs help from someone who isn’t his sixteen-year-old boyfriend. He needs help from a doctor or a therapist, someone who knows about eating disorder and how to treat them. Love can’t cure a mental illness. There are lots of ways to help him, you can just be there. To listen. To talk. To cheer him up if he’s having a bad day. And on the bad days you can ask what you could do to make things easier. Stand by his side, even when things are hard. But also knowing that sometimes people need more support than just one person can give. That’s love darling.” 

Sarah Nelson (Nick’s mum)

During this volume – I would say the second part – Charlie’s disorder is more evident: mood changes, sleepiness, skipping school, eating disorder increased, stress and self-harm. If was hard seeing this lovely-happy couple from previous volumes navigate such stressful situations.

a journey to become healthier πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš•οΈ

Eventually, Charlie is able to attend therapy and goes away for awhile. The author did a great job at including such a supportive network for Charlie and even Nick who also suffers for his boyfriend’s health and well-being. While Charlie is away Nick tries to remain positive, and his friends also try to be there for him and Charlie.

Even when Charlie comes back nothing is magically fixed, we still see him struggling and relapsing, fighting with his mother, looking for comfort in Nick’s house, continue his therapy sessions, and having good and bad days.

tori; my favorite character πŸ’‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Yes, I adore Nick and Charlie – equally adore the Paris gang but Tori is amazing. She is so supportive of Charlie, loves him so much and I just adore her whole personality and demeanor. In this volume she cuts her hair, makes friend with Michael – who is equally adorable – and squashes Nick’s brother (hateful David) like a bug.

“You’re a pathetic little man. Talk about my brother like that again and I will end you β™₯”

Tori to David who is complaining about Nick and Charlie on the phone.

the spring-nelson dinner 🍽

Can I just say “wow”. David’s attitude throughout this volume and past volumes has been despicable. He’s spiteful and makes fun of Nick and his feelings for Charlie all the time – which I hate and want to kick him in the face for.

How he pushes Nick to come out to his dad is abhorrent to the point I wanted to strangle him. David pushes and pushes and Nick doesn’t let it affect him, he comes out to his dad with sincere feelings and no regrets. He comes out, expressing his feelings for Charlie and he defends himself in a matter that is perfect and very ‘f– you David’.

the ending of volume 4 πŸŽ΅πŸš™πŸŽΆ

The ending is so wonderful, full of hope and love and I can’t wait to read volume five and see what Charlie and Nick are up to. I wish for a Charlie who is healthier, and with a comfortable relationship with food and himself.

the overall feeling ✨

This volume is not as happy as the other volumes. While all of the volumes in this series have included sensitive themes, this volume is very heavy in mental heath issues, recovering, family struggle, forced coming out, relationship growth and more. While there are some light scenes, there are more scenes about other heavier themes.

Still, the volume is enjoyable – full of emotions and so much feelings. I did cry a bit in some scenes, especially the one with Charlie reading the letter to his parents about his eating disorder – it was very sad. But, Nick’s support and love, their friends always there for them, Tori being amazingly supportive, and Oliver’s cuteness makes this volume as good as the other ones and I can’t wait for volume five! β™₯️

ps. the art is still as wholesome as ever.

Have you read any of these volumes? for my thoughts about volume one-three click here.

9 thoughts on “[MINI-REVIEW] Why I Loved Heartstopper Volume 4

  1. Great review! I’ve been reading Heartstopper on Webtoon and it’s just so wonderful! 😍 I love how Oseman balances the really cute, wholesome bits with the more emotional, heavy stuff. It’s been such a journey, I can’t believe there’s only one volume left! πŸ’”


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