The Blogger Behind the Screen

Hello everyone, my name Leyanis (also goes by sinayel) and I’m a 20+++++++ years old book lover who spends too much time reading and fangirling over her favorite books.

こんにちは ; 여보 ; hello ; hola!

Living in the hottest state of the planet … not really but yeah; this blogger loves to write, gets bored very easily, re-reads more old books than new ones, and spends her time fangirling over handsome ruffians from regency romances.

What I enjoy to do when I’m not blogging!

Besides reading and fangirling about books, I love K-Dramas, American TV shows, and a strong dose of telenovelas (soap operas, mind you, the ones from 2004-2010). I love rewatching Goblin, but also Rebelde, Leverage, Pasión de Gavilanes, CSI: NY, CSI: Las Vegas, Lucifer, Criminal Minds because hello! DR. SPENCER REID IS YUMMY as hell…. yes, yes, intelligent guys are the best.

Besides that, I spend my time listening to music, watching anime (no shame, my age is just a number). I also love bullet journaling and re-decorating my home office 😂 Lately, I have also been baking more often than not 🧈

What to expect in this blog;

This blog is dedicated to mainly bookish talk and reviews. You will also find bookish discussion posts, drama/tv shows reviews, recommendations about anything and everything, and all about book/music/movies/shows you can think of. You will also see a bit of anime and foreign language posts.

Also…. Aquarius is the best ♒︎ and fall is the season to read and drink Colombian coffee with milk … 🍂 ☕️

My love and many thanks to the wonderful Kat @ for the lovely blog design! ❤