[REVIEW] Fired Up (Fever Falls #1) by Riley Hart

I have a love/hate relationship with Riley Hart, I have enjoyed so far all her books with another author such as The Metropolis series and Beautiful Chaos with Devon McCormack, felt in love with Of Sunlight and Stardust with co-author Christina Lee but when I tried reading a series or book by her alone, I … Continue reading [REVIEW] Fired Up (Fever Falls #1) by Riley Hart

[REVIEW] Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet

Hello, lovelies! I just finished Diamond in the Rought from the series Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet. I adore this series, I love when books have groups of friends and different books focus on different couples. This series includes four main stories Love in Spades, Be Still my Heart, Join the Club, and finally … Continue reading [REVIEW] Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet

[REVIEW] The Obsession by Nora Roberts

I finished reading The Obsession by Nora Roberts last month and I'm re-listening to the audiobook again during this week. I just want to fangirl about this book. Roberts manages to make me fall in love with the characters once again, especially Xander who doesn't push but won't be pushed aside. I loved the background … Continue reading [REVIEW] The Obsession by Nora Roberts

[AUDIOBOOK] Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Boy oh boy, first, this is NOT a review - I don't even think there's enough for a review seeing as I'm DNFing this book at chapter 2. I got this book last month; I hadn't heard from this author before, nor the title from the first time I saw it on Book Depository but … Continue reading [AUDIOBOOK] Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

[REVIEW] Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

It's been forever since I've read a good mystery/thriller ... you would think this book broke my hiatus on these genres but no, unfortunately, I didn't like this book, at all. One word: unnerving. While I admit this book was a page-turner (so much I read it in one sitting), I couldn't relate at all. … Continue reading [REVIEW] Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone