[DISC] New(&future) Releases I’m Looking Forward to Reading!✨

Hello, lovelies! 😙 This year has been filled with so many great releases, I have been able to discover some amazing new authors and series that I've been devouring fast! We are still four months away from the end of the year and new releases are coming daily ~ These are some of the ones [...]


Hello, lovelies!❁ May has arrived and I feel so unproductive when I think about the blog, I was barely active which sucks because I do love writing posts and creating graphics!ಠ_ಠ Hopefully May will be a more productive month! To finish this month's mini-reviews: I read a total of 19 e-books. It was great (づ ̄ [...]

[DISC] Books That Make Me Swoon ðŸ’–

Hello, lovelies!🥰 Happy Valentine's Day ~ since this is the day of love and friendship, I thought it would be apt to share some of the books that make me swoon with their romance and friendships. But mainly, books that I absolutely love because of the relationships in them. So, in no particular order: The [...]