[WEEKLY RECAP] Life in Motion🎥 week 1&2

Hello, lovelies! 🎫 This year, one of my bookish goals is to blog more (▰˘◡˘▰) so I have decided to do small weekly recaps of things I’ve done. This idea just popped up like yesterday, hence why I don’t have a week 1 recap. This will be a mixture of bookish/personal/random thoughts about books, movies, TV shows, music I’ve been into, YouTube channels I’ve been watching recently, recommendations, etc (>人<)

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[RECAP] August {books, movies, music}

Hello, lovelies! 💪🏻 and holy mother: SEPTEMBER IS HERE! I REPEAT: SEPTEMBER IS HERE. What the hell and what is happening in this world. How come September is here when I still clearly remember my school closed down on March 16th and from then on, it was downhill.

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[RECOMMENDATIONS] Introduction to K-Dramas

Not book related, a new theme of mine for recommendations about anything and everything!

I’ve been a music/movie/drama lover since I was a young girl. I remember I used to listen to telenovelas (soap operas) on the radio while sitting on the counter avoiding my sister while she cleaned the house. I used to love the voices and the drama the music provided, the plot that made me gasp and go ‘oh my god she didn’t’, ear pressed against the radio to listen closely. Back then, morning telenovelas when school was out was my favorite thing. So, when I discovered the world of K-dramas/movies I was over the top. I never thought any other culture could capture the over-the-top drama that Latin telenovelas do. But then, K-drama/movies appeared on my radar and it was amazing.

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